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Why the site looks like it was teleported from 1990's?

Why Lionosur?

This is my story on building lionosur, i was forced to study a course which i didnt like in my college.It was too boring and i thought of doing something to generate revenue to get me a bike ( i succeeded in getting that). I used to write a blog named zombie tutorials, that didnt do very well.At the same time i had a friend who was a programmer, inspired by programming i took some programming courses and built lionosur with the help of my friend.It grew in to user base of 10 k users per day and it is still growing, that is our story in 3 lines.

Our Products

Product Name Category Platform Latest News Download Link
Jarvis - Artificial intelligence and voice assistant AI,voice assistant Android v 2.0 released on 30 oct 2019
v 2.0.1 released on 2 nov 2019
Download Jarvis
Shopzy - price tracking software for flipkart Price tracker Android - Download Shopzy
Iron Man Arc Reactor Chest Piece Comics Android - Download Iron Man Arc Reactor Chest Piece
Newway filemanager Filemanager Server V 3.0 released Download Newway file manager
Pomodro Productivity Android - Download Pomodro

Want to hire /contact me?

You can contact me using [email protected] or via [email protected], usually response time would be less than a day, but please be aware of that i am in GMT+5.30 time zone, delays may occur if you sent a mail during midnight.

Why the site looks old?

I got frustrated with using bootstrap, no matter how much i build, it was easier to replicate, to generate uniqueness i have switched to this style, now the pages are simpler to load and user does not have to scroll every time.